stone, spirit & fire

handcrafted jewelry from recycled and fairmined precious metals


Environmentally Conscious Suppliers and Practices

It starts with finding suppliers who care about the earth and it's people ...  like we do. When buying raw materials we try to source recycled and fair mined metals. When purchasing our stones, we get to know our suppliers, we ask a lot of questions and purchase stones that are in line with our values. The trail from mine to finished material is often not transparent in the jewelry industry. There are wonderful people trying to change that. I am a member of one such group, Ethical Metalsmiths.

In my studio I try to avoid any process that requires toxic chemicals.


carbon neutral.gif

Carbon Neutral Shipping

When our jewelry is shipped to you, the packaging materials we use are 100% recycled/recyclable content. We liked UPS Carbon Neutral to offset our environmental impact when shipping, so we chose UPS for our shipper.


100% Recycled Packaging

When it came time to select our packaging, we chose jewelry boxes that are made in the USA from 100% recycled board.  We tie the boxes with paper ribbon from managed forests, all dyes used are non toxic, water soluble inks. The bags we use are made from recycled white kraft paper containing minimum 40% recycled material. Green Way® Eco-Friendly Packaging is made in the USA.


We are not perfect ...  it is a journey ... but we try to make choices that support the planet we all share.