stone, spirit & fire

handcrafted jewelry from recycled and fairmined precious metals

When my vision for Stone, Spirit and Fire began,
I wanted to weave into the company a giving back program.

That vision was inspired by my favorite Ghandi quote.


I believe each one of us can make the world a better place, by the choices we make.
If we join together in reaching out to others, our efforts multiply.

A portion of sales is donated to others who are making a difference.

Keeping with that vision, I'm proud to share that beginning in 2017,
donations have been made to the amazing causes below. 

Each organization brings awareness, compassion and support to others around the globe. 
My hope is that those in need are blessed with hope and empowerment,
knowing that there are people reaching out to say "we care".

The mission of Find The Cause Breast Cancer Foundation is to fund scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer and to educate the public on prevention. 90% of all those diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history. So, what could be causing 1 in 8 women today to get breast cancer when 40 years ago that statistic was 1 in 24. Find The Cause funds research on the environmental causes of breast cancer and educates the public on prevention. Currently funding a world-renown consortium of scientists at BU and Tufts, Find The Cause is working to create a safer world for future generations.

Great Dog Rescue New England is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, shelterless, all-breed rescue group headquartered in Massachusetts. Our group is comprised of volunteers from all over New England who love dogs and want to help those that end up homeless through no fault of their own. Loyal and loving dogs turn up every day in New England and Southern shelters, as owners turn them in or they’re found roaming the streets after being dumped.

To the best of our abilities, we evaluate all of our Great Dogs’ temperament and suitability for living with other dogs, cats, and children. A dog’s health is checked, and we make sure they are up-to-date on all shots and are spayed or neutered. Then, we place them in loving foster homes until they find their very own family. Our goal is to meet the needs of each dog as an individual and to assure proper placement in a loving forever home.

American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. For more than a hundred years American Humane has been first in promoting the welfare and safety of animals and strengthening the bond between animals and people. We are first to serve, wherever animals are in need of rescue, shelter, protection or security. American Humane sets the gold standard as the most visionary and effective animal welfare organization in the nation.


As hundreds of children are being taken away from their parents at the Texas-Mexico border, RAICES received word this week that funding to represent unaccompanied children is ending. Children with representation are not lost. More than 90% of children with representation continue on with their court case. Children with representation are five times more likely to be successful in their case, than children who go to court alone. Representation is often the last line of safety for children vulnerable to exploitation.

Social Catalysts Charitable Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is a novel social enterprise that supports social and environmental change while improving the lives of people with disabilities. Our first major initiative is to create employment opportunities for adults with disabilities while improving our environment by producing new products from recycled videotapes. We provide social service agencies with the tools and the training for their clients with disabilities. These clients weave a beautiful cloth out of reclaimed videotapes, which is sewn into totes, handbags and other items by professional seamstresses, then is marketed and sold by Social Catalysts. In the process, we’re making productive use of the miles of videotape that are migrating to our landfills.


Ethical Metalsmiths’ approach is to raise awareness and activate people who make jewelry to support real change that leads to responsible mining and supply chain transparency. Ethical Metalsmiths is committed to leading jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources for gold, diamonds and other materials used for jewelry. Ethical Metalsmiths' vision is a world in which people can create and enjoy jewelry made with materials from responsible sources that respect and protect the earth, its peoples, and cultures. 

The Lalla Project is a collaboration of yogis, artists, musicians, poets and concerned citizens who believe that love and freedom are our birthright. Through the rebirth of the ancient poetic teachings of 14th century mystic Lalla, we are offered the opportunity to shed all that does not serve love, and to find compassion for our bodies, our souls, all sentient beings, the earth, and the universe. We believe that it is out of this place of love and deep honoring that freedom is born.  Using our collective passion, talents, wisdom, life experience and Lalla’s poetry as a platform for change, we hope to help people across the world find freedom, self-love, equality and peace. A child bride and victim of abuse herself in a time where freedom was almost unheard of for women, Lalla is the voice and the hope for those who are silenced or who do not know yet how to find the words for their pain. Many of these silent cries come from the 70 million child brides of today, and from the countless girls and boys who are victims of sexual abuse.

Metalwerx promotes the art of jewelry and metals through exceptional classes, workshops, studio space, outreach programming and events for professional and personal enrichment within a supportive community of artists and learners. Metalwerx is a unique asset within the region, as it is the only arts organization that's sole focus is on metal and jewelry arts. As a part of our organization's mission, we support artists at all stages of professional achievements in an accessible and affordable format.